I am a passionate hobby breeder. Producing superior companion designer Mastiffs that are healthy and smart. Justifying the name, "Mastiff". 

Our dogs are highly selected through extensive research. Including health, temperament, size, with accredited pedigree's. We breed designer Mastiffs that are health tested, with composed structures, and engaging temperaments. Puppies are raised in our home with a stimulating environment from day one. Exercising the mind with socialization, training for indoor and outdoor manners, and being raised around children and household pets. Making sure you get a happy, healthy, smart and strong puppy just right for your family.

SZB Mastiff is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. Our dogs are exercised daily in the beauty of lakes, meadows, and forests. Our dogs have the endurance for snow and a calm for the sun. Bears and big cats are no problem for this hybrid. The bark alone scares them away. Light a roaring fire, and you have a beautiful masterpiece laying at your feet or on your lap.

SZB Mastiff includes our way of healthy eating. Vitamins and minerals are essential in everyday meals.   We believe nature is the best remedy.


Holistic and Naturally raised 


Born and raised in our home

Strength Zen Balance